Fancy Feet & Dancing Dolls
Ages 3-5 (fully potty trained)
$35 Annual Registration Fee
$83 Monthly Tuition Rate 
$78 Discounted Autopay Rate

These classes are for any 3 to 5 year old who dreams of becoming a dancer. This class emphasizes classical ballet, tap, and creative movement.  Through a creative and progressive curriculum involving shapes, colors, and props, your child will not only exercise the body but the imagination as well.  Our Pre-school Ballet and Tap classes are split into 2 levels:

Fancy Feet: Introductory Level

Dancing Dolls: Secondary Level

This class is a funky, free style form of dance that includes urban movement to a hip hop beat.  This art form provides a fresh creative outlet that enhances your personal style and encourages individuality within a fun yet disciplined environment.

Boogie Beats
Ages 3-5 (fully potty trained)
$35 Annual Registration Fee
$75 Monthly Tuition Rate 
$70 Discounted Autopay Rate